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Fitness Classes in Cavan

Classes for everyone at Fit Forever Gym. 

Join us for an unforgettable fitness experience for all levels and ages in Cavan!

Classes Timetable

Download Fit Forever Classes timetable and view contacts to the class tutors


Fit & Slim 8-Weeks

Embark on our 8-week Fit & Slim Ladies Challenge for guided group training in Cavan, focusing on fat loss for women.


Tone up and get stronger with effective fat loss exercises. Discover the best gym in Cavan to achieve your fitness goals.


Join us for a transformative journey

towards your fitness aspirations.


Morning and Evening Classes

Explore diverse fitness classes in Cavan at Fit Forever Gym.


Join our morning or evening sessions to fit your schedule. Elevate your fitness journey with energising workouts, incorporating weightlifting and resistance training for muscle building and fat loss in Cavan.


Discover effective ways on how to lose weight with our dynamic classes.

FitKids Adventure Club - Cavan Camp

Elevate your child's fitness journey at Fit Forever Cavan with RINKA! Our dynamic kids' fitness classes bring joy, confidence, and a healthier lifestyle.


Embrace a positive, non-competitive atmosphere where your child learns valuable life lessons while having fun.



This is a full-body movement experience that will tone, strengthen, lengthen, and engage all the big and small core muscles of the body.


Come and experience why we are all so crazy in love with Pilates!


*All levels are welcome and new Pilates students are encouraged to start in a spacious studio in

Fit Forever Gym & Fitness Centre

​Opening Hours: 

Monday - Friday

06.00 - 21:30

08.00 - 18.00
Sunday & Bank Holiday

10.00 - 15.00

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