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Refunds and Returns

Learn how to deal with Refunds and Returns

Refunds and Returns

Payment, Cancellations and Refunds

  • Payment of monthly direct debits is due regardless of usage.

  • In the event of default of payment, we reserve the right to reapply for the outstanding amount from your bank account or credit card on any day throughout the month.

  • Ex-members wishing to rejoin the club will be asked to pay a joining fee plus any unpaid balance from the previous membership.

  • Members wishing to transfer to a club that is currently in pre-sale can only do so once the club is open. They cannot join during pre-sale whilst already a member.

  • Monthly members are subject to a monthly rolling contract and may not cancel their membership for the first 30 days of their first payment date.

  • After the first 30 days, your membership may be frozen for €10 a month for up to 90 days (90 days does not apply to annual subscriptions).

  • At the time of freezing your membership, you must provide a reactivation date, and on this date, your subscription will begin to charge you at your normal membership rate.

  • This may be adjusted pro-rata if you freeze or unfreeze in the middle of a billing period.

  • If you have been a member of the gym for more than 30 days and wish to freeze your membership, you can do so via email to

  • Please allow 12-14 working days before the billing period to allow for a freeze.

  • Requests for freezing shall be at the sole discretion of the Club.

  • We require 12-14 days’ notice in writing to freeze a membership and the minimum time for freezing is one month. Members cannot apply to cancel while their membership is frozen.

  • Freeze request form) to freeze a membership, and the minimum time for freezing is one month.

  • Members cannot apply to cancel while their membership is frozen.

  • As for cancellations, all cancellations require a 60-day notice via the cancellation link upon your request to

  • This can also be done by visiting the club and completing the digital cancellation form.

  • Monthly membership cancellations must be received by the 1st of each & every month.

  • However, cancellations cannot be submitted in the same month as joining.

  • A one full calendar month’s payment is required, which means a minimum of one month and a maximum of one month’s final payment will be necessary depending on the date the cancellation form is received.

  • For example, if a digital cancellation form is received on the 1st of May, only May will be due.

  • However, if received on the 2nd of May, both May and June monthly payments will be due.

  • Requests for cancellation must be made on writing on a digital cancellation form available at Fit Forever Gym.

  • You will receive an email confirmation within 2 working days of completing the digital cancellation form – until you receive this email, the cancellation will not be valid.

  • Membership cannot be amended while in the notice period.

  • Verbal instructions to amend or cancel a membership cannot be accepted; all requests must be done via the digital cancellation form.

  • Memberships can only be cancelled if subscription collection is up to date and active.

  • Monthly fees and/or prepaid fees are not refundable.

  • Please do not send a cancellation form by post.

    Cancellation Fee €9.99 - PAY HERE

Additional Terms

  • Fit Forever shall have the right to suspend or withdraw Club privileges or membership from any Member who, in their opinion, has abused privileges or conducted himself or herself in a manner deemed detrimental to the Club staff or its Members.

  • Such expulsion or suspension shall become effective immediately, and no reimbursement will be issued to such Member of the prorated portion of their unused monthly fees.

  • There will be no refund of the joining fee.

  • The Manager or a designee shall have complete charge of the Club whilst on duty.

  • Members may be suspended or expelled from the Club immediately if they display conduct which is, or is likely to be, in the sole opinion of the Company, injurious to the character of the Club or the interests of the Members and staff, or if they commit a serious or repeated breach of these Rules, in particular where amounts owing to the Company are unpaid.

  • An expelled Member forfeits all the privileges of the membership and all rights against Fit Forever.

  • An expelled Member will not be entitled to any refund of their joining fee or subscription and must pay all amounts owed to Fit Forever.

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